Elementary Projects

Photos and summaries of some recent projects are posted on this page below the logos. To view some of the past elementary projects click on the various school logos.





James Madison & Shadow Valley Elementaries: iMovies: Apr. 2015

It all started at James Madison Elementary with iPads and iMovie! Jessica Namovicz, the Tech Lead at James Madison Elementary is doing amazing things with technology and is sharing that knowledge with other teachers and the District Teacher Librarians. Researching various non-fiction topics of their choice, students in Jessica Namovicz’s and Karla Ladauto’s 1st grade classes and the 3rd grade students with Mrs. Kozak used iMovie and Book Creator to create products about their topics. The DTLs then took their knowledge on the road to Shadow Valley where the 5th grade students of Brittany Jolley, Kody Buck, and Cayme Olsen used iMovie to create documentaries about events in 20th Century U.S. History, many dealing with events around World War II.

Heritage Elementary: 5th Science: Animal Adaptations: Apr. 2015

5th graders at Heritage dug into various physical adaptations of animals to their environments and other circumstances. The District Teacher Librarians help point students to solid sources, helped provide Chromebooks, and helped students create digital posters on Google Draw. The posters presented an animal, general information about their environment, and pointed out various body parts and adaptations that help the animal to better survive in their particular environment.

Hillcrest Elementary: 4th Science: Utah Habitats: Mar. 2015

Hillcrest 4th graders studied aspects of Utah Habitats with the District Teacher Librarians this spring. Students researched various web pages about the habitats and students compiled the information into diorama booklets. Each booklet could be stood up for presentation and showed all of the habitats, displaying student drawings and writing about each habitat.

Wasatch Elementary: 4th Science: Rock Types: Mar. 2015

4th graders in Mrs. Weinberger’s class at Wasatch Elementary played the role of geologists in learning about the three types of rock: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Students researched characteristics of the various rock types, some specific examples of the rocks, and locations in Utah where the rocks could be found. Students researched online for this information and compiled it into a field guide with the help of the District Teacher Librarians.