Bonneville Elementary

2nd Bilingual Science: Weather: May 2014

Hace buen tiempo in Rob Summer’s 2nd grade bilingual classes at Bonneville. Partnering with the District Teacher Librarians, the Bobcats applied their knowledge of Spanish weather vocabulary into weather forecast scripts that they recorded on video. The videos were shown as part of the bilingual program open house on May 16. Students worked on presentation skills as well as practicing their language. They furthered cemented their recall of the language through a weather song, and some students presented a separate forecast without a script with a new forecast they hadn’t seen before. Click on the links to view one of the rehearsed forecasts and one of the impromptu forecasts  .

2nd Science: Animal Classification: Apr. 2014

Ms. Melissa Abel’s and Ms. Kelli Nelson’s classes dove into the animal kingdom to discover connections between an animal’s body and abilities to their habitats. With the District Teacher Librarians and their teachers, students studied the various classifications and reported on a specific animals from one of them. They recorded their finding on notes and presented posters to their class. Students used books from the public and school library and online videos from Digital Science Online on Pioneer Library. Students also had the opportunity to creatively postulate on what changes would have to occur to an animal for it to live in a habitat it currently cannot.

Kindergarten Social Studies: Jobs: Feb. 2014

Ms. Prater’s kindergarten class at Bonneville Elementary School went right to the source for a research project in collaboration with a DTL. Focusing on the social studies core that emphasizes learning about jobs in the community and school, the kindergartners prepared to interview a guest “expert.” Students practiced asking relevant questions, prepared questions about the tools and skills needed for the job, and interviewed their guest: Custodian Mr. Smith. Using the information they collected from the interviews, the students created a book for their class and their “expert.”

To see a sample of the students’ final product, click here.