Dee Elementary

5th Social Studies: 13 Colonies: Sep. 2014

The 5th graders in Ms. Pence’s and Mrs. Yi’s classes have uncovered the culture and lifestyle of colonies in the original 13 colonies. Students researched aspects like religious life, education, entertainment, food, and government in the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies. Students organized notes to create a promotional poster with a partner for a group of colonies.

4th Grade Science: Utah Habitats: Jan. 2014

To discover animals, plants, climate, and other aspects of Utah’s various habitats, 4th graders in Ann Roberts’ and Lyndee Bent’s classes at Dee Elementary worked with the District Teacher Librarians. Using classroom technology, the students took notes on their research from various online sources. Their products included information brochures, maps, and pictures about the deserts, forests, and wetlands of Utah.