Gramercy Elementary

5th Science: Heredity: Oct. 2014

Mr. Walker’s 5th graders at Gramercy teamed with the District Teacher Librarians to learn not only about animals and how they have adapted, but also how those traits are inherited through generations. Students researched animals and also created paper tear portraits displaying their animals inherited traits. To view a video collage of the students artwork click here   .

1st Language Arts: Hats: May 2014

Ms. Rettew and her first grade class joined a DTL to learn about hats. Students read stories about hats and made inferences about the plot and characters. They used an online source to learn hat terminology and to answer a key question: Why DO we wear hats? Students recorded their information on a graphic organizer, and used their research to design their own, very unique hats for protection, for a job, or just for fun!

Movie clapperboard icon  First Grade Hat Videos

5th Science: Geologic Processes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes: Dec. 2013

To learn about volcanoes and earthquakes, Gramercy 5th graders looked at geology through the lens of U.S. National Parks. Students from Stacie Morris’ and Mary Jones’ classes researched and identified examples of various geologic processes in assigned parks using books and online resources. They took notes on their findings with the DTLs, culminating with student-created information brochures and pictures about the park’s history, interesting features, and various examples of the parks’ geologic formations.