Heritage Elementary

4th Social Studies: Transcontinental Railroad: Feb. 2015

Mrs. Mecham’s, Mrs. Washington’s, and Mrs. Edgell’s classes all plowed into the history of the Transcontinental Railroad with the District Teacher Librarians this winter. They uncovered reasons why the railroad was made, who made it, and how it was made. Students learned about both the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad companies, particularly the differences that each companies workers dealt with in creating this nation-altering transportation route. Students found various article in Gale Kids InfoBits on Pioneer and created expository essays that were displayed out in the hall on a large train display.

4th Social Studies: Utah Native Americans & Pioneers: Oct. 2014

Heritage 4th graders delved into the lifestyles of Native Americans and Pioneers of Utah with the District Teacher Librarians. Research through the textbook and online resources like ilovehistory.utah.gov from the Utah Division of State History helped students learn about food, shelter, beliefs, and daily life aspects of both cultures. Student products included essays and large tepees and wagon tops on their desks with artwork about artifacts or items that both cultural groups would have used.

2nd Grade Science: Weather Unit: Nov. 2013

It was cloudy with a chance of giggles in the second grade classrooms at Heritage Elementary. For two weeks, students researched weather patterns. First they took notes on seasonal weather terms and activities, and wrote compare and contrast poems. Then they became meteorologists. They wrote weather scripts and video taped them. The forecast: clear skies ahead. At least in the second grade at Heritage Elementary.

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