Horace Mann Elementary

6th Language Arts: Mythology-The Odyssey: Apr. 2014

Like Odysseus in the Odyssey, the 6th graders at Horace Mann Elementary embarked upon their own epic journey this year to create a board game of the classic novel. After reading the book, the students worked with their teacher Mr. Bui and a District Teacher Librarian to create outlines noting the characters, lands, and situations. In Google Apps, they made cards based on the outline, designed game boards, wrote explicit instructions on how to play the game, and decided that classic literature is pretty cool. Excellent work 6th grade!

3rd Grade Science: Moon Unit: Nov. 2013

Using an online book resource called MyOn at Pioneer, Utah’s Online Library, students collected information about the appearance and movement of the moon on a graphic organizer. From their research, students compared and contrasted the moon and the earth through poetry, and created a vacation brochure to the moon.

5th Grade Social Studies: Native Americans-Precolonization: Oct. 2013

District Teacher Librarians recently worked with Mrs. Montague’s fifth-grade class at Horace Mann. To develop background knowledge for a unit on colonization, the students researched Native American life before the arrival of Europeans. Using books and online resources, students gathered information about climate, dwelling, and daily life of a tribe. They used their research to write an essay and create a diorama.