Lincoln Elementary

4th Science: Utah Habitats: Jan. 2015

4th graders at Lincoln Elementary worked with the District Teacher Librarians to research various aspects of Utah’s three habitats: deserts, forests, and wetlands. Students extracted information from various articles on each habitat and also searched out websites that gave information about plants and animals found in the habitats. Students then worked on various dioramas of the habitats as per the Utah Core and wrote expository essays on each habitat as well.

4th Science: Weather Forecasts and Measurement: Sep. 2014

Meteorology is in the air in Ms. Pollock’s, Mrs. Allen’s, and Ms. Scott’s 4th grade classes. Students have been introduced to measurement of aspects of the weather and the tools used such as a hygrometer, anemometer, thermometer, and barometer. Information from Digital Science Online through Pioneer Library has helped students learn the role the sun, air pressure, water cycle, and other factors play in the creation of weather. Students put this together in creating scripts for video weather forecasts and research average temperatures, precipitation, and humidity of northern Utah for different months of the year.

5th Science: Geologic Processes: Sep. 2014

Mrs. Mecham’s, Mrs. Davis’, and Mrs. Owens’ 5th grade classes learned about geologic processes in the context of the national park stage. Uplift, volcanoes, glaciers, deposition, and erosion were some of the processes that were searched for in parks like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and many more. Students research the vocabulary through Digital Science Online in Pioneer and researched park information on the web, and in books. Brochures were created with basic information about the park and evidence of geologic processes were displayed.