Polk Elementary

4th Science: Utah Habitats: Jan. 2015

4th graders at Polk Elementary worked with the District Teacher Librarians to research various aspects of Utah’s three habitats: deserts, forests, and wetlands. Students extracted information from various articles on each habitat and also searched out websites that gave information about plants and animals found in the habitats. Students then worked on various dioramas of the habitats as per the Utah Core and wrote expository essays on each habitat as well.

Kindergarten Social Studies: Family Unit: Nov. 2013

Focusing on their social studies core, the Kindergarten team at Polk Elementary teamed up with the DTLs for a unit about families. The students read books and discussed what different families like to do and how families look similar and different. As a class they wrote a song about families using their research. Then they wrote sentences and drew pictures about their own families and family members. Copies of the sentences and drawings were bound into a class book.

To finish the unit, the kindergartners performed and displayed their work to a packed house of family and friends. Video montages of the students sharing their sentences and illustrations were also presented.

Movie clapperboard icon  VanSweden’s Class Family Song      Movie clapperboard icon  Stuart’s AM Class Family Song
Movie clapperboard icon  VanSweden’s Class Sentences         Movie clapperboard icon  Stuart’s AM Class Sentences
Movie clapperboard icon  Stuart’s PM Class Sentences