Shadow Valley Elementary

4th Utah Studies: Election Platform: May 2014

To culminate their study of Utah’s history, culture, and government, Shadow Valley’s fourth-grade teachers teamed up with District Teacher Librarians for a unit on the rights and responsibilities of citizens in Utah. Students discussed the importance of voting and worked in groups to create fictional candidates for an election for county commissioner. Students researched issues, created a platform with solutions to problems facing our county, generated pamphlets, stickers, and posters, held a town meeting, and VOTED!

The results are in! Bill Bow Active and Bryce D. Man are Shadow Valley’s new “county commissioners.” Congratulations to all the students for their diligent work to promote their candidates and tackle tough issues facing our county.

3rd Grade Science: The Moon and the Earth: Jan. 2014

3rd grade Eagles at Shadow Valley worked with the district teacher librarians to learn about various aspects of the moon and the earth including their appearance and movement. Ms. Cady’s, Mrs. Knowles’, and Mrs. Bateman’s classes researched information from e-books and online encyclopedias which translated into a class-created song, free-verse poetry, and an information brochure.