Taylor Canyon Elementary

5th Social Studies: Explorers: Sep. 2014

Mrs. Miller’s, Mrs. Hatch’s, and Mr. Makley’s 5th classes worked with the DTLs to learn about the pre-colonial explorers to the New World. Students researched biographies of famous explorers and their contributions to discovery. Students created advertisement posters for their explorer, his expedition’s purpose, needed ships, and crew, and past experience. Posters and explorers were promoted to their classmates. The ALA classes wrote out front page newspaper articles about their explorer and his adventures.

4th Grade Social Studies: Extreme Weather: Dec. 2013

The 4th-grade team at Taylor Canyon Elementary school was planning a unit on extreme weather conditions. The DTLs were eager to join in and work with students on finding and using reliable and informative resources. Using books from the school and public library and online sources from UEN’s Pioneer Library, the students gathered information to write essays and develop presentations. Students spent several days showing off their knowledge with poster boards, interactive games, live demonstrations, and skits.