T.O. Smith Elementary

6th Grade Science: Planets: Jan. 2014

Sixth graders at T.O. Smith have been exploring our solar system. A DTL worked with Ms. Hutson for one of her science rotations. A highlight from the project was when students found sources about Mercury that contradicted each other. They had to determine which source was the most accurate and reliable. It was a great demonstration of double-checking resources when conducting research. Nice attention to detail sixth grade!

Kindergarten Social Studies: Family Unit: Dec. 2013

The DTLs teamed up with Miss Mortensen’s full-day kindergarten class at T.O. Smith for a short research project about families. The students used books to find information about families, including activities that families like to do together. Students shared their information with partners and wrote sentences about their own families. Students illustrated their pages to create a class book.