Secondary Projects

Photos and summaries of recent projects are posted on this page below the logos. To view some of the past secondary projects click on the various school logos.



Ogden High: 10th World Civ.: Cuba Embargo: May 2015

Should the United States finally end the 50+ year embargo on Cuba or not? This was the question Michelle Braeden posed to her 10th grade World Civ. class and challenged them to defend their position. Along with the District Teacher Librarians, Mrs. Braeden helped introduce the background issues that have led to the embargo and with the DTLs, helped the students create their papers in Google Apps and Classroom. This allowed Mrs. Braeden to give real-time feedback to students while they worked on their papers in class instead of waiting for hard copies to come in and then be returned. The DTLs also introduced students to the Gale’s Global Issues in Context database in Pioneer, introduced them to various think tank issues sites, and helped them develop citations using EasyBib. This project has helped introduce students to the type of work that would be expected in an International Baccalaureate course they could be part of next year.

Mount Ogden Jr. High: 7th Utah Studies: Utah American Indians: Mar. 2015

Mrs. Armour’s and Mr. Madsen’s 2nd semester Utah Studies classes worked with the District Teacher Librarians this spring in studying 7 of Utah’s American Indian groups. Students worked in groups to research the history, land use, art, architecture, and beliefs of a particular Utah tribe. Tribes included the Anasazi, Fremont, Shoshone, Ute, Paiute, Navajo, and Goshute groups. After students looked through various books and websites, they created digital posters on Google Draw together. Some of these posters were gathered together on a Google Classroom to allow all students in the class to view each group’s poster and gather notes about each of the tribes they didn’t have the opportunity to study in depth. Students also learned about bibliographies and how to create more proper citations for books and websites from the DTLs.