George Washington High School

12th Language Arts: Children’s Safety: May 2014

Seniors at George Washington High wanted to have a positive impact on their community this year. The 12th grade Language Arts class with Evelyn Brown decided that child safety was an important issue to address: road safety, internet safety, and good communication skills. The Eagles created a teaching presentation and a student-created activity / coloring book for children. The seniors worked with District Teacher Librarians to collect research on safety and to format their book for printing.

James Madison Elementary’s 3rd grade class with Mrs. Kozak accepted Washington High’s invitation to visit the kids. The Eagles discussed the three areas of safety and communication with the class using participatory activities. They handed out copies of their activity book to each student, which featured an original mascot, “Sammy the Safety Squirrel.” The Eagles worked long and hard to bring the book and the presentation to fruition and to help improve their community in a unique way.