Mt. Ogden Junior High

7th Utah Studies: Utah Economy: Dec. 2014

7th graders at Mount Ogden Jr. High have delved into the industries of Utah’s economy in Utah Studies. Mr. Madsen, Mrs. Armour, and the District Teacher Librarians assisted the students in searching out aspects of an industry’s history, economic impact, prominent individuals, locations, and current state. Students created digital posters in Google Draw and some created Power Points to present their industry to their classmates. Students worked with note cards and created bibliographies of the digital and books resources that they used. Industries included tourism, high-tech companies, agriculture, military, mining, education and more.

7th Grade Utah Studies: Native American Tribes: Oct. 2013 & Mar. 2014

Laurie Armour’s and Tony Zuniga’s seventh-grade Utah Studies classes at Mt. Ogden Junior High worked on a unit featuring the seven Native American tribes who originally lived in Utah’s Great Basin (Anasazi, Fremont, Shoshone, Paiute, Ute, Navajo, & Goshute). Students created note cards and bibliographies, and recorded their research on their group’s poster about their assigned tribe. Print and online sources were utilized to portray the unique history, architecture, use of land, spirituality, artistry, and influence of their designated tribe. In the second semester, more resources and videos were collected to broaden the search. The class then had a “gallery walk” of the finished posters, and each student wrote notes comparing tribes. Their take home assignment was to write an essay that compared and contrasted two tribes’ culture, history, and influence today.