Ogden High School

12th American Government: Congress Simulation: Dec. 2014

Congress is again in session at Mrs. Durtschi’s American Government class. The District Teacher Librarians introduced the students to Google Classroom and the new digital resources from Gale including Opposing Viewpoints in Context which the students used to look at different articles and references analyzing various sides of a current social issue. Students created their bills backed by the research and presented to their fellow “Congressmen” (classmates) for a vote. Mrs. Durtschi was able to comment and guide students digitally in real time on their Google Documents while the DTLs floated around to help the students.

12th Grade American Government: Senate Bill Simulation: Oct. 2013 & Mar. 2014

Jaci Durtschi’s 12th grade American Government classes from the 1st and 2nd semesters teamed up with the DTLs to put on a Senate Simulation unit. Students researched various viewpoints and solutions on many social issues of the day including: minimum wage, gun control, drinking ages, gambling, etc. Students collaborated together to come up with their proposed bill, including enforcement and implementation, and presented it to their fellow classmates in the Senate. The Senators then voted upon the bill. The 2nd semester, the bill had to pass through their own class and another class, representing the Senate and the House of Representatives. Students collected their research and citations on Google Documents as the teacher librarians helped guide them to verified sources of information to back up their bills and prepare for counter-arguments. To read an article about the 1st Semester experience and view a quick video please click on Standard-Examiner’s link here.  

To view a video created by Zac Williams, OSD Community Relations click here.  

Language Arts & International Baccalaureate: NoodleTools: Jan. 2014

Students in Language Arts and International Baccalaureate classes were introduced to NoodleTools on Pioneer Library by the District Teacher Librarians. Students began using the citation tools and online note cards to organize information for papers and other research projects. They collaborated with partners on their projects and peer reviewed other groups’ work. Teachers were also able to review and comment on all projects and note cards at anytime, anywhere.